Saturday, June 5, 2010

Playboy Spain and Tiara Lestari

Playboy Spain and Tiara Lestari - One of the models from Indonesia who has appeared in Playboy Magazine Spain is Tiara Lestari. Tiara never pose nude without a single yarn wrapped in the Spanish edition of Playboy Magazine in August 2005. Before becoming a model in the Spanish edition of Playboy Magazine, Tiara Lestari also previously been a model in Penthouse magazine published in Thailand and the Netherlands.

playboy SpanyolFoto Tiara Lestari on Playboy Spain Magazine Cover

As known a magazine that Hugh Hefner is fronted by identical photographs of naked women all over the world, from celebrities to model new entrants. Yes like this Amara Tiara Lestari aka.

Adam Yurman is a person who played a major role to lift careers Tiara Lestari at that time as a model of international class. Together with Adam, Tiara had twice appeared in men's magazines, Penthouse published in Thailand and the Netherlands, and thanks to Adam was also the photos of Tiara Lestari could eventually appear in the Spanish edition of Playboy magazine.

Magazines that have been circulating in 28 countries that officially ask for Adam to return to immortalize Tiara's curves. "I went to Tiara's house in Jakarta and we flew to Bali to shoot. We went into the woods and waterfalls as well as bringing fashion stylist and makeup stylist's most prestigious," writes Adam Asiansexgazzette quoted, at the time.

After penetrating the Spanish edition of Playboy, Adam is a visible enthusiasm with Tiara is also displaying a girl from Indonesia were on the cover of the calendar will be published sensual model. Until recently, photos Tiara is still emblazoned on a hot site owned by Adam.

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